Ron Paul – Against UN Agenda 21:


Ron Paul – Against UN Agenda 21

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Obama’s Executive Order for Rural Councils


President Obama Executive Order 13575 –  Rural Councils – Fox News – United Nations Agenda 21  – July 4, 2011 ‏


Voter-Gate Video


Voter-Gate video:

Votergate – The Presidential Election Special Edition (Election Fraud)

Votergate, an action documentary, follows a young team on their nationwide investigation of the current problems with our voting systems and elections procedures. Fast-paced and engaging, Votergate reveals the shocking story of how touchscreen voting systems are highly susceptible to hacking and how these systems are being implemented across the country without the proper checks and balances to insure accuracy and accountability.



Calcasieu Parish has Over $318 Million Cash and Investments

There is NO need for a tax increase…. and garbage pickup should be paid out of the $318 million  ‘cash and cash equivalents and investments’…!!!

Cash and Cash Equivalents and Investments as of Dec 31, 2010, as reported in the CAFR for Calcasieu Parish:

 43% of US Agency securities is Federal Home Loan Bank securities**

$33 million is in John Kennedy’s LAMP. See:

See for yourself on Page 62 at link below:

Primary Government Funds —- $219,379,323

Component Units Funds ———- $99,480,077

TOTAL —————————- $318,859,400

**The Parish’s investments in U.S. Agency Securities were primarily rated AAA by Standard & Poor’s & Fitch Ratings and Aaa by Moody’s Investors Services. Of the US Agency Securities held by the Parish at December 31, 2010, approximately 43% of those securities were invested in over nineteen Federal Home Loan Bank securities with varying maturity dates. LAMP has a Standard & Poor’s Rating of AAAm. (Page 59)