Glenn Beck: UN Agenda 21 To Control Your Land and Life





UN Agenda 21 will control your land, restrict it from all human beings in your community, force people to move to cities by destroying all roads to the country because CO2 polluters are country folk you know.

They may call it something else. Watch your local community for the ‘buzz-words’….such as “Sustainable Development” and “sustainability” and you will find the United Nations Agenda 21:


Voter-Gate Video


Voter-Gate video:

Votergate – The Presidential Election Special Edition (Election Fraud)

Votergate, an action documentary, follows a young team on their nationwide investigation of the current problems with our voting systems and elections procedures. Fast-paced and engaging, Votergate reveals the shocking story of how touchscreen voting systems are highly susceptible to hacking and how these systems are being implemented across the country without the proper checks and balances to insure accuracy and accountability.



ICLEI and UN Agenda 21 Rejected Around America


ICLEI , UDC and UN Agenda 21 are being rejected around America.


Please Watch Tom DeWeese’s short clip: