Calcasieu Parish has Over $318 Million Cash and Investments

There is NO need for a tax increase…. and garbage pickup should be paid out of the $318 million  ‘cash and cash equivalents and investments’…!!!

Cash and Cash Equivalents and Investments as of Dec 31, 2010, as reported in the CAFR for Calcasieu Parish:

 43% of US Agency securities is Federal Home Loan Bank securities**

$33 million is in John Kennedy’s LAMP. See:

See for yourself on Page 62 at link below:

Primary Government Funds —- $219,379,323

Component Units Funds ———- $99,480,077

TOTAL —————————- $318,859,400

**The Parish’s investments in U.S. Agency Securities were primarily rated AAA by Standard & Poor’s & Fitch Ratings and Aaa by Moody’s Investors Services. Of the US Agency Securities held by the Parish at December 31, 2010, approximately 43% of those securities were invested in over nineteen Federal Home Loan Bank securities with varying maturity dates. LAMP has a Standard & Poor’s Rating of AAAm. (Page 59)






Please Come To The Meeting:

Saturday, Oct 8, 2011

9:00am to 5:00pm

For Info Call: 337-855-1382

Most Recent Proposed Unified Develoopment Code – UDC

Proposed Unified Development Code as of Aug 24, 2011:

Problems and Solutions Around the Parish

Police Jury Meeting this Thursday
Date: 9/1/2011 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Location: Police Jury Government Building
1015 Pithon Street
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601

Click here to read the proposed agenda for Sept. 1st.


Here is what one local resident did who went through a situation with a Parish Inspector:
He approached the inspector and asked him and the person with him to leave the premises. They refused.
He called the Sheriff’s Office for assistance.
The Sheriff/Deputy asked the officials two questions:
Do you have a Court Order?
Do you have a Warrant?
He answered ‘No’ to both questions and the Sheriff Deputy ordered them to leave the premises.
The property owner then went to the appropriate person with the Police Jury and got the details of situation and made arrangements to resolve the problems. He did what was requested.

It was all resolved promptly and peacefully.

How Did The UDC Meeting Go???

Did you go to the UDC Review Committee Meeting held Monday, Aug 29, 2011..??


Leave us a comment about the meeting.

Video of UDC Review Committee Meeting July 25, 2011

Proposed UDC Review Committee meeting on Jul 25, 2011

Questions and Concerns by Members and Public


Facilitator: Christina Joyce-Wilson, Human Resources Director

Presenter: Jennifer Wallace, Assistant Director of Advanced Planning/Grants

Portions of the interesting dialogue and excerpts from the video:

0:00:40 – Facilitator says there will be more meetings if needed.

0:16:44 – Matt Redd: How much of this code is new material?

Ans: “… Just a smidgen,” said Jennifer Wallace.

0:17:27 – Says this UDC is pretty ‘scary’….

0:17:40 – Says it gives the Director too much power.

0:17:53 – This opens door to potential corruption.

0:17:59 – Director has heavy hand – more power than police jury.

Ans: “Written like this to expedite…not intended to take power away.”

0:22:05 – Tommy Eastman: Stated his name.

0:22:30 – Changes requested.

0:22:55 – Someone should be able to read the exact rules, no exceptions.

0:23:18 – How many will walk away without requesting exceptions?

0:24:02 – Some people do not like confrontation and will not mention needs.

0:24:40 – Land owners have to plead their case.

0:25:15 – Project could be going and getting money. (draws at various stages)

0:37:20 – Here is 552 pages with NO sewer plan..!!

0:38:50 – That ain’t gonna work..!!

Ans: “Don’t expect a perfect document….,” the facilitator said.

0:40:05 – I’m worried there won’t be enough changes….

0:41:00 – This is not the playground of 4th grade.

1:18:15 – Man asks if the restrictions are worth it.

Ans: “I hope it is better. We do have a sewer issue to work through.”

“The document needs to be tweaked a little bit,” said Jimmy Vickers

1:24:40 – Is it absolutely necessary to do this?

1:26:10 – I’m disappointed that the police jury did not inform the public…!!

1:27:13 – Citizens need to be informed about the meetings..!!

1:29:45 – Is the parish taking federal grant money?

Ans: “Not at this time,” said Jimmy Vickers.

1:35:55 – Facilitator says to have questions in by Aug 15.


UDC Review Committee Members

Realtor: (SWLA Association of Realtors)

Richman Reinauer

Tommy Eastman

Builder: (Home Builders Association of SWLA)

Harvey Bessette

Don Veronie

Architect: (American Institute of Architects SWLA)

Jeff Kudla

Engineer: (Louisiana Engineering Society, Lake Charles Chapter)

John Lowrey

Utilities: (Lake Charles Utility Coordinating Council)

Calvin Thibodeaux

Agricultural/Timber: (Division of Planning and Development Staff)

Will Drost


Citizens Task Force: (Division of Planning and Development Staff)

Terry Backhaus

Developer: (Division of Planning and Development Staff)

Wallace Nichols

Matt Redd

At Large East Side: (Division of Planning and Development Staff)

Phillip Busby

Brad Evans

At Large West Side: (Division of Planning and Development Staff)

Dianne Dronet

Troy Broussard

3 Part Video Connecting Dots of ‘Smart Code’

“Sustainable Development: Connecting the Dots”

This short video series shows some of  what is happening right now in Calcasieu Parish, with the UDC, and what has already happened in Lake Charles, with ‘Smart Code’ a while back.